Because we think you can get what you desire if you dress for it,
… that any small detail can inspire to dream big,
… that style is the reflection of who you are without speaking,
and because we know you will create a more interesting life if you look impressive.
Franco Shivaly designs and creates the most refined pieces handmade, focused on every detail and the best scale of materials, like crystals that reflect mightiness and elegance in proper dressing.
In each of our pieces we dedicate the time that is necessary to achieve the quality that will overpass our clients expectations and that will join them through their journey to success!
For many years, the most important trait for Franco Shivaly has always been loyalty between those who seek to look properly and with his brand.
Located in the heart of the Bal Harbour, FL.  We’re constantly inspired by dressing well and the appealing sense that characterizes the city and it’s people!
Remember, we all have the right to reach our goals and flaunt our success with class, dream big!
By the way,
The python is native to Southeast Asia. Our Python skin comes from pythons that are both farm-raised. Python leather comes partly from breeding farms and the skin has a sufficiently large surface, to produce leather objects from it.
Stingray leather has been used for thousands of years. Many early civilizations believed that possessing the skin of a stingray would bring strength and power. Stingrays are fished for food and the pelts are a by-product.
Franco Shivaly